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NEGROS ORIENTAL ESCAPADE: PART 6 <img src="" alt="48AA885F-7A7E-4A66-8797-CEA1937B0F2A.png"> <center> <h2>RED ROCK HOT SPRING</h2> </center> <div class='text-justify'>Growing up, most of the medicine I know is usually coming from nature. Whenever I get wounded from playing with my sibling and cousins, my mom would just grab moringa leaves, squeeze them and let the juice drip on my wound, and dap the lumped leave on the wound. Whenever we have a cough, she will let us drink hot water with calamansi juice or sometimes concentrated calamansi juice. It has something to do with the fact that we live in the province or my mom simply believes that natural medicine is so much better.</div><i> <img src="" alt="4279ABE4-D787-426B-BBC1-C5067597A5CD.jpeg"> <div class='text-justify'>During our escapade in Negros, @tanawabai included Red Rock Hot Spring in our itinerary. I heard about this place many times but never got the chance to visit. All along, I thought it was only the English version of Pulang Bato which is a fall but Red Rock is actually different and it is spring.</div><i> <img src="" alt="15BF957C-03CD-4DA6-A337-C3ECC72C8DA1.jpeg"> <img src="" alt="44C7E95A-1A04-414B-A14E-744E38C52210.jpeg"> <div class='text-justify'>The spring is also located in Valencia and just close by to the rest of the places we visited around that time. According to the information posted on their walls, </div><i> <pre> Soaking in the hot spring provides relief from the pain of stressed muscles and tired joints. Thermal bathing increases blood circulation and cell oxygenation and the increase in blood flow also helps dissolve and eliminate toxins from the body. </pre> <img src="" alt="298F009D-7678-4D01-A4A2-972883D36DBB.jpeg"><center><sub>The hotspring pool for adults which can go deep as 5 feet. These time other people already left the pool.</sub></center></div> <img src="" alt="4F0E654B-1075-4C97-B51E-F3C65D999386.jpeg"><center><sub>The hotsprings has the view of the mountains.</sub></center></div> <img src="" alt="F1743A47-2A4A-4227-834E-3E60CE4E3467.jpeg"><center><sub>These pipes release hot water. Most people spend a lot of time here and let their back or head hit by the water. I tried it myself and it was really relaxing.</sub></center></div> <img src="" alt="DEAAA9BB-27D9-4B5F-A377-2F4FC5DAFD38.jpeg"><center><sub>This pool is ideal for kids since it is shallow. It's not as spacious as the other pool but adults can enjoy this space too.</sub></center></div> <img src="" alt="6C5CD630-DF7C-4829-B198-240174FA7D7C.jpeg"> <div class='text-justify'>Red Rocks gave 2 hot spring pools. 1 is ideal for adults and the other one is for kids. It also has several cottages so guests can bring food and drinks if they wish to spend more time in the spring. In our case, we told the staff that we were only going to swim for an hour and we didn't bring any food or drinks. We let them use a vacant table and didn't charge us for anything aside from the entrance fee.</div><i> <img src="" alt="34C892F7-1179-44C1-B358-96C3AB9A7ED7.jpeg"> <div class="pull-left"><img src="" alt="157F4537-6C81-43EC-B99B-A52DCB739E4B.jpeg"></div> <div class="pull-right"><img src="" alt="9BB4BEB8-9E2A-4FFC-9A07-B06907EBB7A5.jpeg"></div> <img src="" alt="1DBEDC11-4F76-4B4A-9533-8E667D4DEFAE.jpeg"> <div class='text-justify'>We then soaked in the adults' pool. There were lots of people during our visit but there is still enough space for our group. In the adults' pool, there is a non-stop flowing of warm water. We got the chance to experience it ourselves and the water can be really hot but once you get used to it, it becomes manageable.</div><i> <img src="" alt="F45DA9CC-49C7-4E45-AB50-09C1AD265039.jpeg"> <div class='text-justify'>We spent more or less an hour in the spring. It is said that it is therapeutic to stay in the spring, especially since it contains sulfur which can also cure certain skin conditions. This is also based on their poster. We can definitely feel the changes in our skin. It was honestly a very relaxing experience.</div><i> <div class="pull-left"><img src="" alt="46F06F57-6857-4BB3-A781-8E51A7EEC5B2.jpeg"></div> <div class="pull-right"><img src="" alt="537F972B-468E-439F-BD4B-6AECA264F2BB.jpeg"></div> <div class="pull-left"><img src="" alt="FC6859A7-9009-4128-8A55-DF0A1BC892CE.jpeg"></div> <div class="pull-right"><img src="" alt="0A9BA208-353C-44A2-A145-9BA3A68EE9E7.jpeg"></div> <div class='text-justify'>Red Rocks will soon offer some accommodation. Hopefully, on our next visit, it'll be available. Is this something you would like to visit when you go to Negros? I'd definitely recommend this place for you to experience. </div><i> <img src="" alt="3050B783-0D67-4C36-BDD8-F24AD8D75B4B.jpeg"> <img src="" alt="2BBDA33A-3891-48A8-9144-AD6D879CD13B.jpeg"> <center><sub>Feeling refreshed after the hot spring experience. Best way to end the day with all the places that we went!</sub></center></div> DISCLAIMER: Some of the photos in this blog is from @tanawabai’s camera. ************************ <div class="pull-left"> ![BDB41DC3-5C15-44FF-A43C-01C38854D7B0.jpeg]( </div> <div class="text-justify"> <b><sub><a href="">Asa Si Klause</a></b> blogs about his travels, vegan lifestyle, yoga practice, his fur babies and anything that gives joy to him.</sub> <sub>If you love to see more of his content, hit that Follow button, and you might find new places, make more recipes, and practice yoga with him. For blog collaborations or inquiries, feel free to contact him on his social media channels or email him at <center>[INSTAGRAM]( | [TWITTER]( | [FACEBOOK](</center> </sub> </div> redrockhotspring @asasiklause

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