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Games can be didactic or destructive depending on the plot and how they're built. Whether they're good for society is a separate argument (which deserves attention). I was more making the point that the economic incentive to play them is so far superior that it will replace legacy gaming. @alectorelli

Pretty sure most P2E games give this ownership to the user, no? Like, this has already been solved in working P2E games. @alectorelli

Like life, poker is a game of skill with an element of chance. In this case, bluffing isn't deceptive as it's part of the strategy, just how buyers and sellers never reveal exactly what they're willing to pay in order to negotiate the best deal. @alectorelli

Part of playing poker is learning to play your own hand :) @alectorelli

Multiverse Capital did a 6x in less than 24 hours. Here's how much I made from the interest (INSANE!), new updates, and how I'm playing it from here. @alectorelli

It was first to market with a working product, good marketing, timing, etc. In the long term the games will be much better than Axie. My plan is to bet on the games of tomorrow. @alectorelli

Keep grinding, you'll get there! @alectorelli

Thanks Chris. Appreciate that. Let's chat on DM if you don't mind! @alectorelli

Looks awesome. Shot you a DM. Thanks for the rec! @alectorelli

Thanks! @alectorelli

Will dive in. Appreciate it. @alectorelli

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15/ Subscribe to my free newsletter here: Subscribe to my YouTube here: Watch this video on Riot Racers, my biggest P2E bet so far. @alectorelli

14/ You’re probably wondering how you can get exposure to the upside of crypto gaming. In upcoming articles and videos I’ll be sharing the complete guide to two of my favorite Play to Earn games, and how you can bet on them. @alectorelli

13/ This will happen faster than most people expect or realize. Much like the advent of steaming obsoleted companies that many thought could never fail (a.k.a Blockbuster), crypto will eat alive the legacy companies which fail to adopt to the new economy of gaming. @alectorelli

Given the choice between two new games, one where the game maker keeps 100% of the profit, or one in which each individual player can earn real money and be rewarded for their contribution to the game, which are you more likely to choose? @alectorelli

I personally believe that play to earn games will obsolete all other games. The reason is because of incentives. Think about things from the end user’s perspective. @alectorelli

12/ As more P2E games like Axie come onto the market, players will continue to flood there. Eventually, players will demand a built in play to earn feature, and only support games where they can have sovereignty over what they create, and where they are financially rewarded. @alectorelli

8/ This will empower a new generation of people to make a living playing games and create new entire jobs and opportunities, the likes of which we can’t even imagine. @alectorelli

Just think of people in the 3rd world with no access to banking, who can support themselves through games. Markets will explode. This is already happening in the Philippines, where gamers are making a living playing the world’s most popular P2E game, Axie Infinity. @alectorelli