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Good evening everyone So, today is my confirmation Idk how it's called in the US but its when you confirm your faith to God (its a catholic thing) And well, in other news, the Argentinian Economy minister just quit, so we have no Economy minister now πŸ˜… @agustinolmedo

Gm everyone So, really busy days for me Working on a new innovation project and an offroad one So not much time free Anyway, how have you all been doing? @agustinolmedo

Gm my people New day ahead Long school day for me, but luckily I'm leaving the English lessons from my school and I'm moving to my mom's institute, that way I get the same productivity with less hours, meaning more free time and more time to work! @agustinolmedo

Gn everyone! So, today I worked more than expected, but I just gave like 1000 steps forward in my new project. And it's all going completely great! Literally my most innovative project up to now, and if it works as it's expected, it will change many industries! Now going to party a little, love you all! @agustinolmedo

Gm and happy weekend to everyone! Resting days for me, been working and studying last week so gotta rest a little Not many plans, just a bday party and some meetings, but will sure enjoy some days! Have a great day! @agustinolmedo

Gm my people So yesterday night I gathered with some friends and had some good time, but now I'm too sleepy πŸ˜… Idk why because we finished eating at like 10.30 so I slept earlier than usual Anyway, new day to work and tonight I'm watching Lightyear so gonna be going back to childhood @agustinolmedo

I mined for about a whole year, before it was something "popukar" and I literally dumped every eth into btc, so with POW you literally hurt your own coin. Hoping POS makes the blockchain a little bit better, but I will stay with DeSo... @agustinolmedo

Gm everyone! So, yesterday I took a really big step in the new product I'm working on Made the main documents so that we can start working in what we want to do. And although they are just simple personal documents, the main idea is there and it's looking great Already found many ways to use it , and again, if it works as expected, many industries would change A LOT Anyways, long school day for me, so have a great day! @agustinolmedo

Gm gm my people So, school day again after a long weekend and this is the worst πŸ˜… After not coming for 4 days it's really hard to be here listening to someone talk about biology πŸ˜‚ Anyway, ton of work for me this week so gonna be hustling! @agustinolmedo

Gm everyone So, I'm working on a new project now, and it's a project that either changes the way the world works or just go to 0 instantly. There's just no middle point. It either changes how the world economy works and how industries do, or ir just goes to nowhere and dissappear. Anyway, I'm gonna work on it, and if it goes as expected, it should turn into a huge industry with little to no costs. @agustinolmedo

Gn everyone So, Holiday in Argentina, and well, we don`t know why but we are partying Haven`t been able to have a good meeting with family for a good time but we just had the right moment to do so I`m tired AF but idk how this 40+ years old people still have energy πŸ˜… @agustinolmedo

Gm gm gm everyone! How are you all doing? Pretty scheduled week for me, hadn't have a single minute for the last week πŸ˜… And still have like 3 crazy weeks upcoming But this is life rightπŸ˜… Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend Luckily we hace holidays now so I have ton of things to do @agustinolmedo

Gn everyone! So, been resting a little Trying to get some more disconnected with technology while still working How have you all been doing? Pretty red days right? @agustinolmedo

Yo guys just left for the weekend and was completely disconnected with technology and WTH happened πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Btc at 25k and all other crypto down as hell also? What just happened πŸ˜‚ Anyways, had a great weekend with friends, was completely disconnected and it felt so good! @agustinolmedo

Gn everyone! So, really tiring day Drove about 100km and had like 8 hours at school so tired af Anyway, at home and resting a little bit. Also, the 3d printer is already fixed so getting back to business! @agustinolmedo

Good afternoon everyone! So, school day again. Tired AF but trying to survive πŸ˜… Anyway, we are doing a raffle for @argentinadonationfund now, just between Argentina as the first prize is a 2 day hotel in one of the most unique beaches here in Argentina, so if you all agree, maybe I can so it again bit worldwide with a $100 ticket cost (with flights included for 2 people probably) Just tell if you would join and pay for it, need some statistics analysis first. @agustinolmedo

Yeah it's been kind of boring to be here lastly. Just little to no posts and no engagement also. Just hoping for a node to explode and go mainstream @agustinolmedo

Have a great day sir! @agustinolmedo

They are getting lower and lower with time now... Looks like @daodao made almost no impact in the social aspect of DeSo @agustinolmedo

Best way to start the day! @agustinolmedo