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Today: 150 DAYS on $BitClout "Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears." - John Lennon https://images.bitclout.com/3198bc2f26fb426cca33b9049009dfca1b837fb730f6a078de3a23b539524ff2.webp @a1iya

$BitClout https://images.bitclout.com/69873442186b9498d009a013616aa53350ab99993916b114258d5f57079d29fc.gif @a1iya

Today is my 100th day on BitClout! 💯 https://images.bitclout.com/7c1d8dcd30260fd581a5fcbaa05ab102f0f5a29e9964caefa5a38fbe0b75cc92.webp @a1iya

💤NFT💤 🧿 Series: NFTida 8/8 #8 BitWomen's #cloutnft https://images.bitclout.com/f7e240964993e6ed11e35ce70ca63c70bbd57e6e1c6c755df85c2854ccf55f56.webp cloutnft @a1iya

♡ 0.55 Years ♡ 6.6 Months ♡ 28 Weeks ♡ 2🪙🌕 Days “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.” - Carl Sandburg - #Bitclout $DESO #Diamond https://images.bitclout.com/c3b12971e0893733e88c571acd4c63871e177e66695f815add966d5c818614cc.webp bitclout @a1iya

My first Whale 🤍💙🐋🌊 #Saturday #🎨 https://images.bitclout.com/31922d369c60b6688a1c7343fa6d7eaee1396957656c8aa5e6ce49e6feec0cb3.webp saturday @a1iya

📊 What is your favourite BitClout Theme?! 👉 Click link to vote ➀ Dark Theme - cpl.so/9FW8/1 ➁ Light Theme - cpl.so/9FW8/2 ➂ Icy Dark Theme - cpl.so/9FW8/3 ➃ Legends Theme - cpl.so/9FW8/4 ➄ Cake Theme - cpl.so/9FW8/5 ➅ Green Theme - cpl.so/9FW8/6 https://images.bitclout.com/a771af2aeffe9c77d7f9a679958011f62d51f5abe8d4dcbdfbba8a485529571c.webp @a1iya

Prosper Stats ;) https://images.bitclout.com/f776f115d0549c63aaab7d47df937bd6e9fb0b28ab55d80961af887a09cb9113.webp @a1iya

$DESO is a Dashing, Encouraging, Straightforward and Outgoing person. 🖇 namious.com/m/deso Check your username ⤵️ @a1iya

Qurt (Kurt) - cheese balls ⚪️🧀 #QazaqFood #KazakhFood https://images.deso.org/c7eac1835962d377125b5db24fe6d9e58d11d91f9f027fd6d3a81eb4e9f3f03f.webp qazaqfood @a1iya

And the sun will shine again @a1iya

My first ever Mandala 🧿🖌 https://images.bitclout.com/330d5cbae2ac034f6eaffb7c5cbeb9dac26cf1a59692be37ce983f2e94fe4808.webp @a1iya

Thank you for the kind words, ♥️💎🔄💬! I highly appreciate your feedback! https://images.deso.org/f770a85dc39d34a42a00137dfae98a3699970c6d1a48072e8abbebbb27d6d705.webp @a1iya

Wishing you Happy Holidays! 🎄🔮 #DeSo2021 https://giphy.com/embed/11BEQyXROgnLTG deso2021 @a1iya

Happy Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan! 💙🇰🇿 @a1iya

😳80 @a1iya

WKND 🌲☁️ #ala https://images.bitclout.com/d7fd2aa98be9f90cc96882b06d31fd07d51fca5734c89326a004381ba544c34b.webp ala @a1iya

Chocolate Covered Walnut Stuffed Dates 🌰 🍫🌴 Homemade. Sunday vibes 😜 #MyFavoriteRecipe https://images.bitclout.com/9fc3b739c9adf7cfb95534718abebfaf78cd7f98520d8c4483cc14b9486af8e9.webp myfavoriterecipe @a1iya

https://images.deso.org/44284d5466ebd5611349d9cc54cef8040b88b1030072200678f8e8a24e33f7bb.gif @a1iya

My fav color is blue 💙:) 🫖☕️ #TeaTime https://images.deso.org/154c88b9dc42d340b78dba43ab4b60e942e03d40fe29ba6dd02913ccb7e4019e.webp teatime @a1iya